BREAKING – In His Final Days As President, Obama Planned SICK Move Against Trump

While Obama was smiling for the cameras, he was planning a major coup against Trump. And now we know how he did it all.

In the last days of Obama’s administration, he increased the power of the National Security Agency, allowing them to share interrupted personal communications with 16 other intelligence agencies, even before they put privacy protection in place, via The New York Times.

This decision was troubling enough when it first came out, but now, with the incident with Flynn and the Russian ambassador, well, it sounds like Obama knew exactly what he was doing.

These new protections relaxed the limits on the NSA regarding what they could do with information gathered by wire-tapping and other means, such as monitoring phone calls, emails, and information from satellite transmissions.

This means that more government agents will be searching through completely raw data, increasing the odds of officials seeing private information of entirely innocent people.

It also reduces the likelihood the NSA, and these 16 other agencies, will fail to recognize something important, yet, as we’ve seen with the Michael Flynn case, just because you’re innocent doesn’t mean it can’t be used against you.

Patrick Toomey, a lawyer for the American Civil Liberties Union, was very critical of Obama’s last minute decision. “Rather than dramatically expanding government access to so much personal data, we need much stronger rules to protect the privacy of Americans.”

Toomey added that this will likely affect private individuals, even those who are not slated for government positions, stating, “Seventeen different government agencies shouldn’t be rooting through Americans’ emails with family members, friends, and colleagues, all without ever obtaining a warrant.”

It won’t surprise you that the two top Obama appointees with questionable ethics, Loretta Lynch and James Clapper, both signed off on this move.

Could this be a ploy from Obama’s alleged shadow government? Picking off the members of Trump’s cabinet one by one until there are no more? It seems odd that Obama would make those kinds of changes, especially when they have such a profound effect on We the People, just days before he was scheduled to leave office.

It now appears that it was the NSA that tapped into General Flynn’s wires. Although the media are claiming that Flynn was speaking to the Russians, the information is not given out in the reports. The media are basically calling Flynn a traitor — they’re not saying a single thing about what took place in the actual conversations.

The American people need to stand up and resist this and scrutinize any other convenient last-minute decisions Obama made.

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