BREAKING: Hillary’s Hometown Newspaper Drops Bombshell… Clinton Humiliated

Despite being continuously surrounded by a host of alleged scandals that are potentially criminal in nature, Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is still in the running for the White House.

Largely due to her seemingly teflon-like invincibility, none of the scandals seem to have caused fatal damage to her aspirations to power, even the many allegations that she has used her family’s Clinton Foundation as a money-laundering slush fund instead of an honest-to-goodness “charity.”

But her non-stick coating has been chipped and cracked and has begun wearing thin, as even some of her formerly ardent supporters have begun recoiling in disgust at the increasing evidence Clinton used the foundation as a waypoint in a “pay to play” scheme, accepting donations from foreign governments and corporations in exchange for access and favors during her tenure as secretary of state, and would likely do the same as president.

Consider a recent editorial in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, which pointed out that a pattern of corruption has emerged around Clinton dating back to her time as first lady of the state, if not before then.

Noting the obvious appearance of impropriety surrounding the Clintons and donations to their foundation from foreign governments and corporations, the paper remarked that Clinton has offered to stop accepting donations from those entities should she be elected, but that such a move would be too little, too late, and should have been made prior to her heading up the State Department.

Quoting liberal columnist Jonathan Chait, Clinton’s proposed solution was an “inadequate response to the conflicts of interest inherent in the Clinton Foundation,” and proves Clinton “has not fully grasped the severity of her reputational problem.”

“Those of us who watched her rise here in Arkansas will know she’s been getting away with ethical shortcuts for a long, long time and the lower she sinks, the higher she rises in the esteem of her fans — or just of those who have benefited from her largesse,” the editorial staff wrote.

The only real solution they saw was ultimately to shut down the entire Clinton Foundation operation, something that has already been demanded by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, placing them on the same side as the GOP candidate — likely much to the chagrin of the left-leaning editorial board.

Hillary Clinton is a liar with a long and storied history of scandalous and corrupt activities. When even the editorial board of her former hometown newspaper is calling her out on it, you know the facade of invulnerability in which she has cloaked herself is slipping away.

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Source: conservativetribune

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