BREAKING: Hillary Clinton is BACK, Launches Plan to Topple Trump

Hillary Clinton cannot resist popping her head in every so often, letting the American people know that she’s still alive and capable of using social media, albeit poorly.

Clinton made a statement on her social media account, calling out Trump for his supposed lack of response on several issues. She will continue to undermine Trump, giving fodder to the press to keep attacking him for their false charge of antisemitism. 


Clinton mentioned the people who vandalized and destroyed around 100 tombstones at the Jewish St. Louis Cemetery as well as 11 Jewish centers that were recently given false bomb threats.

Well, unlike Clinton and Obama, Trump doesn’t just try to soothe the wounds of the American people with kind words and a speech in front of CNN that talks more about protecting the attackers than offering kind words to the victims. Trump is a man of action.

And the White House has responded to the attacks. “Hatred and hate-motivated violence of any kind have no place in a country founded on the promise of individual freedom,” stated Press Secretary Sean Spicer. “The president has made it abundantly clear that these actions are unacceptable,” via J Post.

Trump’s daughter, Ivanka, has also spoken out against the attacks. Her husband is Jewish, and she has converted to and is now raising her children in the faith. Ivanka stated that America is a nation of religious tolerance, and that our religious centers should be protected. Many people have spoken out about the attacks, but Clinton is just living in a bubble of globalist privilege.

President Trump has always been a supporter of the Jewish community and of Israel, and he has always being outspoken about the crimes committed against them. This is more than Obama and Hillary could say. Obama stabbed Israel and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the back during his last days of the presidency, and Hillary Clinton is not one to talk.

Breitbart reported that the Democratic National Committee talked about Clinton targeting Sanders for being a Jew and possibly being an atheist. When Wikileaks first released this information, it was a huge scandal, but the liberals seem to have forgotten it already.

Clinton has also spoken in support of the Black Lives Matter movement, who are very anti-Semitic. They accuse Israel of “genocide,” but Clinton doesn’t denounce them.

She also supported the Iran nuclear deal and brags about being one of the first people to negotiate it. It’s no secret that many in the Middle East hate Israel and would rather see it burned to the ground than anything else.

President Trump defends Israel and wants to help the country with their unrest with the Palestinians. The Democrats pretend to be the defenders of Jews, but, in reality, Obama and Clinton aided the people who seek to bring death to the Jews and the Western world. Clinton can tweet on her high horse all she wants, but the proof is in the pudding. If anyone is anti-Semitic, it’s Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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