BREAKING: Here’s The Sick Thing Comey Did to Protect Hillary. He’s Guilty.

Everyone has heard at this point about President Trump firing FBI Director James Comey. We are all in agreement that he is GUILTY! All you have to do is look at the facts.

According to The Gateway Pundit, it was openly admitted that the FBI, and therefore Comey, NEVER requested to look at the “HACKED” DNC SERVERS during their “investigation”! Take a moment and think about that statement. You would have to realize that they HAD to lie; there is no other option.

Why in the world would Comey not request to see the servers that were allegedly hacked by Russians? Only two reasons come to mind. Either he knew that they were not hacked, but ran with the narrative, or he is the most incompetent FBI Director that we have ever had. Likely, it is a mixture of the two.

Hillary waltzed around during the election like she was on top of the world. She really thought that her money and power could land her the presidential spot, regardless of who she was running against. Guess what? She was DEAD WRONG!

She never anticipated that someone like Donald Trump would not only run, but beat her. What she failed to realize is that President Trump did not have to worry about paying ANYONE to get to where he is now.

He was able to win due to his honesty, his passion for helping Americans, and his ability to call out anyone and everyone. He had no problem kicking CNN out of a press conference because he KNOWS about their attempt to spread propaganda.

The sad truth is the Left will just eat up any story they hear about him. If they looked into the facts, and believed the FACTS, for that matter, they would understand that it is just a stupid attempt to sensationalize hatred towards our president.

Now that Comey is looking for a new job, we are wondering what is going to happen next. There are a couple of big questions that need to be answered.

First, we are curious to see who is going to replace the former FBI Director. Regardless of who it is, we would happily bet that they are going to be better than Comey. Secondly, we want to know who else is going to get fired before this is all said and done. President Trump seems to be on a mission to take down all of the corrupt people throughout the federal government.

We would love to get an answer from the FBI on how they performed an investigation on hacked computer servers that they never even looked at. That is the equivalent of cops trying to solve a murder when they find a gun next to the body and they say, “Nah, we don’t need that.” Then, they go back to the police station with no evidence and try to solve the murder.

Not only do they try to solve the murder with no evidence, but they come to a CONCLUSION! Something is not right here. We are glad to see Comey waiting in the unemployment line now.

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