BREAKING: Here it is! America’s Top Billionaire Just Backed Trump 10000%

From here on out it will be known that August 9, 2016 is the day Donald Trump officially took the election from Hillary Clinton.

There is no way he can lose now that he has billionaire Carl Icahn on his side

cahn, who has a net worth of $17 billion, called into CNBC to make the announcement.

“I don’t know why you wouldn’t vote for him.”

He described Trump as a blue collar hero to men like to Archie Bunker from “All in the Family.”

“If he sticks to what he’s doing, I certainly do not understand why any worker, any middle-class worker, you know, the Archie Bunker of the world — that was a great show, I used to watch it — those guys are going to vote for him. They’re smart guys and they know they’re getting screwed and that is what I think will happen.”

However, this speech is not the only major move Carl Icahn has made recently which could change the entire election.

Carl Icahn has been dissolving his properties recently and liquidated all of his shares in Apple in June this year because he doesn’t like them doing business with China.



This means he has a lot more liquid cash to offer his long-time friend Trump than most billionaires could.

To top it off, Donald Trump has just started reaching out to many of the top advertising firmsto kick off his anti-Hillary onslaught. (H/T – The Hill)

Let’s show our support of both Icahn and Trump by SHARING his message of saving the American working man to at least 1 good friend of family member. This is the best way we can help them beat Hillary Clinton right now.


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