BREAKING: George Clooney Makes SHOCK Move, Proves Trump Was Right

Oscar winner George Clooney has admitted defeat, according to Breitbart. He is moving back to America after learning that Europe’s open border policies make England unsafe–even for a multimillionaire.

It is easy to posture as an individual, but since becoming a father, George Clooney has been forced to admit that America is safer than Europe. He is returning to California to protect his newborn twins.

The immigration activist and actor hired former Secret Service agents to evaluate his multiple mansions to determine which would be safest for his young children. They determined that Clooney’s mansion in Studio City, California was much safer than the family’s 17th-century mansion in England.

An insider close to Clooney told reporters for Life & Style magazine that “he doesn’t feel…safe living in the English countryside.” The insider added, “He’s determined to move his family to L.A., where he feels much more secure.”

George’s wife, Amal Clooney, is an international human rights lawyer who has gone head-to-head with ISIS. She is calling for the terrorist group to face prosecution.

The Clooneys have been forced to admit that England is not safe in the wake of major terror attacks claimed by ISIS. The British government has admitted that up to 23,000 terrorists reside in the country.

Moving back to America must be a huge blow for Clooney, who is one of the most vocal celebrity proponents of open borders. England’s open border policies have explicitly allowed entrance to the terrorists threatening his wife. At least Clooney is not willing to sacrifice his wife and children for political correctness.

However, the move is also massively hypocritical. George Clooney is incredibly privileged, and he used his celebrity to helped force a terrible policy on the people of England. Now that the policy has backfired, Clooney can freely move back to America to live in another mansion while natives Brits are forced to deal with the problem.

This is why we should not listen to the political opinions of celebrities. Celebrities are immune to the consequences of the political activism, unlike the rest of us.

Hopefully, Clooney will change his tune now that he has been forced to admit defeat, but self-reflection is not the strong suit of liberals.

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