BREAKING: FBI Agents Reveal What They Suspect Clinton Did to Lynch on Private Plane

As did most Americans, FBI agents remained skeptical of the law enforcement agency’s recommendation not to press charges against former first lady Hillary Clinton for the mishandling of classified information on a private server she ran from her home while she served as secretary of state.

FBI agents told the New York Post that they believed there was an “inside deal put in place” after Attorney General Loretta Lynch met with former President Bill Clinton just a few days before of the FBI’s announcement that it would not recommend charges.

As you’ll recall, Lynch claimed her visit with the former president was a “social” one, and it was simply a coincidence that she happened to be in Phoenix when Clinton was playing golf there.

It looked suspicious then and it still looks suspicious.

The fact that FBI agents were chiming in on just how dubious the meeting looked only added to the speculation that Clinton met with Lynch to help sway her decision not to press charges against his wife.

From how it appeared events unfolded, an inside deal isn’t too far-fetched.

Agents working on the Clinton email case also reportedly had to sign a special nondisclosure agreement that prevented them from talking about the

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