BREAKING: Donald Trump Just Gave Chris Christie the Most Important Job of His Life!

Everyone already knows Donald Trump and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are best friends. Hell, Trump almost named Christie as his VP before Ivanka insisted Pence was the better choice.

Well, now Christie has just been given the role of a lifetime that only Trump could provide.



Candidates from both major parties are given top-secret clearance to national security briefings after locking down their party’s nomination.

The choosing of Christie for this role could be key in his suspected appointment as Trump’s Attorney General. It could also be seen as a way to boost Gov. Christie’s legitimacy as a Republican presidential candidate for 2020.

He will be sharing the role of advisor with Trump’s top military ally, Lt. Gen. Mike Flynn.

Trump will be receiving his briefings at the FBI office in New York city to avoid snooping.

While the liberal media has been claiming Trump cannot be trusted with top-secret info, FBI Director Comey has voiced concerns that Clinton is more likely to share it following her email scandal. (H/T – Daily Mail)

So let’s give a warm, Liberty Writers “CONGRATULATIONS” to both Chris Christie and Mike Flynn for their new roles as Trump’s top advisors.


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