BREAKING – Donald Trump is ENDING Human Trafficking in Epic Move. Where’s the MEDIA?

One of the most disgusting things going on in the world today is human trafficking, and we have more than our fair share going through the United States. Trump, to his credit, is already addressing the issue.

Two days ago, during a press conference, Trump made his own concerns known about the heinous issue. He wants to solve the epidemic of the selling and purchasing of human beings, but have the mainstream media said anything about it? Of course not, via Sarah Palin.

Trump stated, “It’s been so important to them, and I want to make it clear today that my administration will focus on ending the absolutely horrific practice of human trafficking.”

He continued by saying, “And I am prepared to bring the full force and weight of our government to the federal and at the federal level, and the other highest levels, whatever we can do, in order to solve this horrific problem.”

He will be directing the Justice and Homeland Security Departments, as well as other government agencies, to help prevent this heinous crime and to look at the resources this country is devoting to forever stopping human trafficking.

He is dedicated to devoting every resource possible to end this criminal activity, and so far, his words have inspired action! In as little time as a month, there have been more than 1,500 arrests.

Compare that to the 400 arrests related to sex and human trafficking in 2014, as per an FBI report. This is what happens when people go against the grain and elect someone like Trump as the president — we get results!

On January 27, 42 people were arrested in a trafficking scandal by authorities in Tennessee. On the 29th, 474 were arrested by authorities across the state of California, where 28 children were sexually exploited.

From the span of January 18 through February 5, 108 were arrested and taken into custody in Illinois. These individuals were involved in a national sex ring operation. And in Texas, 178 were arrested for the same offenses after a sting that ran from January all the way up to Super Bowl Sunday.

In Michigan, 16 people were arrested in January for a sex trafficking ring that took place during a Detroit Auto Show. In February, 11 individuals were arrested in Virginia for children sex trafficking. Another 42 were arrested in Florida for cases relating to child pornography in February.

But did the American people hear about this government crackdown on perverts? Were any of the arrests or convictions of these sick criminals reported by the mainstream media? I currently didn’t hear anything about it. Why? Because the mainstream media refuse to say anything positive about President Trump and his administration!

When President Donald Trump commits to something, he sees to it that the job gets done. Sex traffickers beware — President Trump will find you, and he will arrest you. He is coming for you like Liam Neeson in “Taken.” So, be prepared!

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