BREAKING: Congress Votes Unanimously to STOP OBAMA

Throughout his presidency, Barack Hussein Obama has pushed a disturbing anti-cop agenda on our country that has culminated in the devastating police shootings that have plagued us this month.

That’s why it came as a surprise this week when Congress defied Obama this week by introducing legislation that would make cop-killing a hate crime.

According to Breitbart, the legislation is called “Blue Lives Matter,” and it is set to go to a House vote in September despite the fact that it has no Democrat support. 66 police officers and 24 police K9s have been killed in the line of duty this year alone, and Republicans have had enough.

This came after Louisiana passed a “Blue Lives Matter” law at the state level that Gov. John Bel Edwards signed into law in May. Their law adds up to five years to prison sentences for “targeting” police officers.

“Since the Baton Rouge tragedy, we’ve received calls and messages from around the country from individuals asking about the ‘Blue Lives Matter Act’, and we’re confident more members of Congress will be co-sponsoring the legislation as soon as they can when Congress reconvenes,” said a spokesman for Colorado Republican Rep. Ken Buck, the federal bill’s author.


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