Breaking: CNN’s Electoral Map Shows Very Bad News For Hillary

Changes to CNN’s battleground map is good news for Donald Trump.

From Frank Luntz: “CNN’s electoral map now has Hillary Clinton’s projected votes down to 272. If one more state flips, she’s under 270.”

CNN reports:

One week after we moved Nevada and Florida from “battleground” to “lean Democratic,” both states appear to be snapping back to their traditional toss-up status. Our new CNN electoral outlook places both states back in the “battleground” category and increases the up-for-grabs turf to six states and two congressional districts worth a total of 87 electoral votes.

The state of play

Clinton had not yet finished her two-day swing through the Sunshine State before her campaign let it be known that she would be back in Florida this weekend.

Florida is also one of the handful of states where the Clinton campaign remains heavily on the air with campaign advertising and where it announced today that two closing argument ads will begin to be seen across the state.

A new Bloomberg Politics poll putting Donald Trump a couple of points ahead of Hillary Clinton was some of the most welcome news the Trump campaign had to tout this week.

Florida’s 29 electoral votes are the biggest prize on the map among competitive states and both campaigns plan to fight it out there all the way through November 8.

In Nevada, polls continue to show it is a margin-of-error race between Clinton and Trump and both candidates are expected back in the Silver State before Election Day.


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