BREAKING: CNN Tries To Cover Up MASSIVE Scandal… Ends Up BACKFIRING Big League

At this point, nothing should surprise you so I will save you the alarmist theatrics.  The jackals in the press are now trying to claim that the collusion that took place between AUFC, the DNC, and the Clinton campaign was not illegal.  It almost certainly was illegal and was done to shield their donors. We’ll to that, but it get’s a bit technical so stick with me.

One of the organizations responsible for the violence and intimidation of Trump supporters as well as architects of the systematic plan for voter fraud has seemingly misfiled their IRS 990 forms.  And this is actually a big deal.

I owe Jake Tapper over at CNN a big thank you for making me stumble onto this tidbit of information.

See, he was telling everyone on his Twitter feed that the actions of Americans United For Change (AUFC) were not illegal since the law in question was pertaining to SuperPACs.  Well, he’s sort of right and also entirely wrong — the modus operandi of any good CNN anchor.

Let me set the tone with four tweets involving Tapper:

A user asked if Tapper is concerned about the PV leaks:


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