BREAKING: CNN Releases New Shock Poll on Trump v Hillary… Hillary Camp Panics

A new poll was released Tuesday by CNN/ORC, and its results were shocking to say the least — no doubt sending the campaign of Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and her acolytes in the liberal media into a panic.

That poll made it official that Clinton’s polling bounce following the conventions was long gone, as Republican nominee Donald Trump claimed the lead in the national poll by a margin of 45 – 43 percent, with the two leading third-party candidates polling in the single digits.

It is worth noting that Clinton held an 8-point lead in this same poll just one month ago. The poll sampled 1,001 registered and likely voters across the country and had a margin of error of 3.5 percent.

Looking deeper at the poll results, it became clear that both parties seem to support their candidates by an equal margin, around 90 percent. Notably, it would appear that Trump gained the lead by winning over independents by a margin of 49 – 29 percent.

As would be expected, Clinton dominated among women voters while Trump had a secure lock on men. However, Clinton’s support among women seems to largely come from young single women, 73 percent, while married women only support Clinton to the tune of 36 percent.

Along those lines, Clinton won among voters under the age of 45 while Trump holds decisive lead among the older half of the electorate.

The racial breakdown of polling results appeared in line with other national polls — Trump led by about 20 points among white voters while Clinton dominated among non-whites by a margin of 71 – 18 percent.

An interesting aside was a glance at the voting blocs making up the support for Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson, which revealed the major candidate he was most likely impacting by siphoning away votes. His support came largely from three major groups that would typically be more inclined to vote for Clinton than Trump — young voters, whites with college degrees and non-party affiliated independents.

One other interesting tidbit from the poll was the question of voter enthusiasm, which aws down significantly this cycle compared with past elections. The interesting part is that while 55 percent of Clinton voters said they were not at all excited about the election, some 56 percent of Trump’s supporters stated they were very excited to cast their vote at the polls in November. (This was clearly evidenced when comparing the August rallies of the two candidates.)

Obviously, things can still change dramatically over the course of the next two months ahead of the general election, but if the polling trends seen over the past several weeks continue as they have, Donald Trump will almost certainly be this nation’s next president.


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