Breaking: CNN Just Caught RED HANDED in Massive Lie About Donald Trump!

CNN is one of America’s absolute WORST news sources. Not only do they constantly LIE about Hillary Clinton, they even go as far as editing her speeches to cover her ass and change history!

Now they have finally been caught red-handed editing clips during an interview  between Jake Tapper and Chris Christie.

Tapper was supposed to be “grilling” Christie on Trump’s response to the Islamic terror attacks in New York, claiming that Trump calling it a bombing (which it was) was inappropriate.

When he decided to compare Trump’s response to Hillary’s response using a clip from an interview is when things got really dirty though…

Did you catch it?

In the ORIGINAL interview, which was edited down by CNN, Hillary Clinton says, “I’ve been briefed about the bombings in New York and New Jersey, and the attack in Minnesota.”

Yep. You heard her right. She said BOMBINGS too. Straight from the Horse’s mouth. (H/T –Breitbart)

This is why Trump is counting on patriots like you to share articles like this out. Because otherwise, the Mainstream Media will just continue to rewrite history.

So won’t you take 5 seconds out of your day to hit the SHARE button? It may save our country.


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