BREAKING: Canada’s Leader Drops BOMBSHELL Trump News After Refugee Ban

Ultra liberal progressive as*-hat and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau just sent a message to refugees- Welcome to Canada! 

Lol! What an idiot.

Trudeau’s reckless welcome mat to unvetted Muslim refugees that come from terrorist hot-spot countries like Syria, Iraq, Iran and others is in response to President Trump’s temporary ban on these people until the flawed vetting process Obama had in place is overhauled.

Yeah, the leader of Canada is a bleeding heart liberal maniac that cares more about being the male version of Germany’s Angela Merkel who has allowed Muslim refugees to rape and kill women and children than he is about the citizens of the country he is in charge of.

“To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity is our strength #WelcomeToCanada” the Canadian lib tweeted.

What a loser.

Then he tweeted a picture of a little girl which is total propaganda.

How pathetic.

First of all, that little girl and the others in the photo look healthy and perfectly fine.

And what’s the point of this staged photo op?

This is disgusting. Using a little kid for propaganda purposes is pathetic.

Look, President Trump has promised to keep Americans safe from the Islamic terrorists and you can count on it!

Screw liberals.

Obama banned Muslim refugees back in 2011- did this girly man cause a scene back then?

Hell no, he kissed Obama’s filthy a**.

So go ahead Canada boy.

Let those unvetted refugees in and put them on the government dole.

Freaking liberal moron.

God Bless.

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