Breaking: Bill O’Reilly Just Announced His Next Show, Will You Watch It?

Legendary former Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has been in a state of regrouping following his ouster from the network due to 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch’s desire to push Fox News in a different direction.

Something that has been on every O’Reilly fan’s mind is wondering what his next move will be. He just released yet another successful entry in his Killing book series, although everyone knows that his heart lies in his broadcasting work. O’Reilly finally went public recently with his latest plans for his media work.

Since getting dismissed from Fox News, Bill has been putting out a podcast called “No Spin News” on his own website. He just unveiled the fact that he will be transitioning this podcast into a longer program with videos until it is a full The O’Reilly Report style news show.

In a podcast episode called “O’Reilly Lays out Plans for the Future in Last Free Podcast,” Bill detailed his vision for his new show and left himself open to the idea that he “maybe go into some other networks as well.” Stated O’Reilly, “I hope you consider it and sign up because we will be here Monday through Thursday with our audio broadcast ad we are working on making it a video display.”

He added, “We really appreciate you guys hanging with us the first week on the ‘No Spin News.’ It’s very nice of you to do that. We think we provide a unique perspective on the news, by the way, and as I said in the beginning of this broadcast, we’re going to expand it. So we’re going to expand it. A lot of people interested, I’m taking my time. There’s a lot of things that I have to clear up. There’s a lot of things in play, and you’ll know what the deal is.” What do you think of Bill’s idea to make his own independent news show?


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