BREAKING: Bill Clinton Caught LIVE ON CAMERA During Debate Doing THIS…

A moment ago we pointed out how Clinton has decided to NOT wear a pin representing her love for America and her support for the patriotic troops that sacrifice for our safety day in and day out.  But what is even more shocking is what Bill Clinton is wearing. He’s wearing a pin on his lapel but it isn’t one for America. It’s one for Hillary.

And do you really wonder why? It’s all about them. #ImWithHer is Clinton’s slogan. Well, Trumps with us and Trump is with the USA.



Some more about the history of the flag lapel:

It’s customary for candidates running to wear a small flag on their clothing during campaigns and public office.  The flag, for many, represents a token of appreciation for all the efforts our forefathers made in securing our God-given liberties.
For a period of time, Obama stopped wearing his pin until public disapproval chased him back into at least pretending he had some sense of patriotism (though his wife has only been proud of America since her husband has been elected).


The donning of the flag pin is a sacred ritual, a way for politicians to demonstrate a love for America that might otherwise be in doubt. Its importance was only reinforced by the completely proportional scandals caused by then-Sen. Barack Obama questioning the pin tradition’s validity in 2007 and Mitt Romney wearing one defaced with a cartoonish GOP elephant in 2012. Still, a shocking number of the candidates Thursday night failed to execute a critical element of their debate prep: acquiring the tiny piece of embossed metal that could be the key to convincing voters they deserve the reins of power.


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