BREAKING: Barron Rushed Into Lockdown After His Worst Nightmare Just Showed Up At His School

The attacks on President Trump aren’t enough for liberal lunatics who won’t be satisfied until they take the entire Frist Family down — seemingly starting with the youngest and most vulnerable. As leftists in New York complain about the increased security costs for the president’s youngest son, Barron Trump, perhaps they should realize there wouldn’t be such a great need for it if they stopped inciting violence and hate against the Trumps.

Ten-year-old Barron is finishing out his school year at New York City’s Columbia Grammar & Preparatory School and hasn’t had an issue with that plan until today. At about 10 a.m east coast time, the First Son was rushed into lockdown after Secret Service saw what was going on right outside his school that was a direct threat to him, and potentially all other students inside the private campus.

“My teacher had no clue what was going on but he was just saying ‘Be quiet,’” a senior at Barron’s school, who did not want his name used said. A 1993 Chevrolet K-1500 had parked on the street in front of the campus with an Indiana license plate and a suspicious package inside, sending the entire school into lockdown, with Barron inside, New York Daily News reported.

“These two girls that were next to me were pretty scared because they were getting Snapchats from their friends saying there was a bomb threat, and one girl was crying,” the student informant told the news station after the horrifying ordeal. This was exactly one of the reasons the Secret Service has been ramped up, proving the need for it when a bomb threat was found outside young Barron’s school.

A passerby had reportedly been the first to notice the suspicious tattered bag inside the pickup and called authorities. A bomb squad cleared the discovery after about 45 minutes, and the kids were free to go about their school day, still shaken from the threat.


The package turned out to be an old, beat up military bag that didn’t contain a bomb, but you can never be too sure in this enraged liberal society we live in today. Now, it’s only a matter of time before leftists come out and complain, once again, about the cost of mitigating this threat and claiming that extensive security isn’t necessary for this child and say that it should be funded by his father and not New York taxpayers.

The fact remains that hate pulsates through Democrat’s political party, fueled by any liberal with a public platform who feels entitled to perpetuate the divisiveness. Not a single person on the left had anything adverse to say about the millions of dollars spent on the Obama’s vacations and the entourage of Secret Service that accompanied them on every, frequent, getaway. This boy should be safe to study in peace and although he dodged a bullet this time, it won’t stop lunatics from trying for next time.

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