BREAKING – Arrest Made In Massive Theft Ring, Connection to Obama CONFIRMED

In America, you’re guilty until found innocent, but as grandmothers often warn, “you’re known by the company you keep.” Top level Democrats have a lot of explaining to do!

Florida Democrat Representative Corrine Brown has been accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars from a charity for children and pocketing the wealth. Brown partied on Air Force One elbow-to-elbow with BOTH Nancy Pelosi and then President Barack Obama!

Corrine Brown was also a Hillary Clinton superdelegate. The disgraced Florida representative appeared in federal court earlier this week on charges related to stealing scholarship money intended to further the education of poor school children, the Washington Examiner reports.

Why would the upper echelon of the liberal party cozy up to such a corrupt career politician? The charges, which led to Brown’s arrest, are not the first allegations of shady behavior to hover above the Democrat.

Not long after she won her seat in 1992, the Federal Election Commission accused her of violating a multitude of campaign finance regulations and laws. Corrine Brown also reportedly accepted campaign donations from foreigners. She also failed to report using a corporate plane while both campaigning and travelling while in office.

A “rap sheet” on Representative Brown put together in 2016 by the Florida Times details every single claim of wrongdoing filed against her over the course of her 27-year political career. It is simply unrealistic to think Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, and DNC leaders who allowed her to be a superdelegate knew nothing of her checkered past. I would be more inclined to believe they knew her vote was up for sale… and buy it they did.

In 1998, Representative Brown cashed a check for $10,000 from Rev. Henry Lyons. He is the disgraced National Baptist Convention president who spent five years behind bars for fraud.

Brown reportedly did not note the large donation on the proper forms and file them. The Florida congresswoman claimed she had merely used the money to bus supporters to an event — that must have been some fancy bus ride!

Nancy Pelosi’s friend was also the target of a House Ethics investigation in 2000. The incident surrounded her efforts to free African millionaire Foutanga Sissoko from federal prison. Her efforts to set Sissoko free failed, but she still reportedly received a $50,000 Lexus for making such a valiant effort.

Brown is accused of stealing from the One Door for Education charity. If convicted on all 24 counts levied against her, the Democrat could face up to 357 YEARS in prison and $4.8 million in fines.

Even Corrine Brown’s own former chief of staff is expected to testify against her on the embezzling charges. The rats are apparently fleeing the sinking ship now. Though, Obama had some wonderful words for Brown in 2008.

Brown shouldn’t expect her liberal elite pals to show up as character witnesses. They will be too busy covering their own behinds and protecting their image for future elections to bother with exuding any loyalty to an old fundraising buddy.

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