BREAKING – 3,000 US Sheriffs Send URGENT Letter to President Trump

Law enforcement officials wanted President Trump to hear the voices of 3,000 American sheriffs. He did and is already responding to their dire national security concerns!

“State and local law enforcement have, in recent years, shouldered much of the burden associated with criminal illegal immigration and the subsequent impact on our communities,” the letter from the National Sheriffs’ Association read. “As you have recognized, our borders are not secure, and we applaud your efforts to address this threat to our public safety.”

President Trump met with members of the National Sheriffs’ Association at the White House on Tuesday. The president’s executive orders on illegal immigration policies and enforcement was a primary topic of conversation.

“The murder rate in our country is the highest it’s been in 47 years,” President Trump said when pledging his help to the law enforcement community. “I’d say that in a speech [during the campaign], and everybody was surprised.”

Unlike former President Barack Obama, President Trump spends more time meeting with Americans than waving via a camera lens from a golf cart. President Trump doesn’t do the bulk of the talking at the meetings in the Roosevelt Room — these meetings are, after all, billed as “listening sessions.”

National Sheriffs’ Association CEO Jonathan Thompson was clearly excited that he has the opportunity to sit down and have a meeting with a president that actually listened and planned on acting on the sheriff’s concerns.

Thompson said that he sat in the same room with Obama six months ago and begged for help. No help ever came, and our borders remained unsecured for the duration of the former president’s tenure.

The sheriffs at the meeting deemed President Trump’s support for law enforcement as “unprecedented.” The association offered their full support and backing for the president’s border security and immigration policies.

The members of the National Sheriffs’ Association also relayed how heartened and encouraged they feel due to the pro-police environment which has swept across the nation in the wake of Trump’s victory. After eight years of being verbally attacked by the president of the United States, the local heroes are likely quite shocked by the reception they are now receiving from the commander-in-chief.

Donald Trump ran on a law and order platform, and he quickly began delivering on his promises after taking the oath of office. During the meeting with the American sheriffs, the group also discussed the mental health of inmates in our jails and the program which permits the military to transfer unneeded equipment and supplies to police departments.

President Donald Trump was joined at the National Sheriffs’ Association meeting by Vice President Mike Pence, Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, as well as senior advisers Stephen Miller, Jared Kushner, and Steve Bannon.

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