BREAKING: Declassified Documents Show Comey Isn’t Who America Thinks He Is

As President Trump searches for a replacement for James Comey, the FISA Court starts to wonder “who watches the watchmen?”

In his final testimony before Congress as the Director of the FBI, James Comey unequivocally claimed that the information they collect on American citizens is “lawfully collected, carefully overseen, and checked.” We now know this was a lie, thanks to declassified documents recently released by FISA. (via Circa)

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) declassified information earlier this month revealing that the FBI violated privacy protections granted to American citizens.

Not only did the FBI ignore the rules meant to block them from monitoring Americans, but they shared the illegally obtained information with forbidden parties.

The declassified court documents revealed that the FBI was coordinating with the NSA to illegally monitor American citizens without warrants.

The NSA routinely intercepts the communications of foreigners in the name of national security. The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act blocks the NSA from spying on Americans without a warrant. This is supposed to keep the NSA “honest.”

Occasionally, Americans are incidentally monitored during the course of foreign surveillance. If this occurs, the NSA is supposed to mask the identity of the U.S. citizen, unless they believe revealing it is essential to an investigation.

However, it’s well known that the NSA collects information on all American citizens. The spy agency successfully argued that it would be easier for them to monitor all communications, only accessing recordings when a warrant has been secured.

Now, the FISA Courts and members of the Justice Department are claiming that the FBI has been neglecting their obligations to seek out warrants. By coordinating with the NSA, FBI investigators have been able to monitor targets of their investigations in new ways, including listening in on private conversations with lawyers.

Further, the Justice Department claims that the FBI has been lying in their disclosure reports to cover up the extent of their illegal spying campaigns. Comey was aware of this, and lied to Congress when he claimed otherwise.

If the rumblings of the FISA court are true, this could be the biggest revelation about the deep state uncovered since knowledge of the PRISM program first emerged.

No American is safe when the elitists in our government are able to monitor even our most personal conversations, and can turn them against us at any time.

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