BOOM: Trump Proven Wrong, But Here’s Why He Couldn’t Be Happier About It

Two months ago, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump predicted that his campaign would reach 1,400 delegates before the Republican National Convention, but according to the latest reports, his prediction was dead wrong.

As Breitbart reported, the reality is that after the final five primaries this week, Trump’s delegate count had reached 1,536 delegates, or 136 more than he had predicted.

Hopefully, this bodes well for his campaign to be president, since obviously, he is definitely not equipped for a career as a psychic.

But he is definitely equipped to run a fantastic campaign and unite the American people around solid principles.



The billionaire candidate also reportedly broke the Republican primary record by 1.4 million votes. For whatever reason, many conservatives felt extra-inspired this year to drive out to the booths and pull the lever on his behalf.

The only remaining question is whether his momentum is strong enough to carry him through the general election against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

A summary of the latest poll results at Real Clear Politics shows that Trump still trails Clinton, though by smaller and smaller margins.


The presumptive GOP nominee still has months to go before he goes up against Clinton, but it would behoove him nevertheless to stop focusing on unrelated issues — like the whole Trump University debacle — and start focusing his efforts on exposing the former secretary of state.

The fact is that he needs to take advantage of every tactic in the book to weaken Clinton’s lead and ensure a victory for the Republican Party in the fall. Too much is at stake right now for him to do otherwise.

Our country desperately needs a reboot, and unless Trump’s current momentum remains with him for the next six or so months (which hopefully it will), we’re going to be in serious trouble.


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