BOOM: Trump Just Hit A Campaign Milestone… No Politician Has EVER Done This

There have been concerns about the amount of money in presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign war chest in the media recently, but his announcement today might start to put that to rest.

Trump announced that he’s forgiven a $50 million loan he made to his campaign. Trump’s campaign national finance chair Steve Munchin told CNBC on Thursday that the money was a contribution and that the candidate would contribue “significantly more money.”

The Washington Examiner reported that in an official statement Friday the Trump campaign said that the “the money is a contribution made in order to make America great again,’” and that Trump has now “personally invested in excess of $50 million to the future of the country.”

Although Federal Election Commission filings didn’t yet reflect this as it hadn’t yet received documents from the Trump campaign supporting the contribution, if it should pan out it will certainly be a big investment and potentially a big boost to his campaign.

Fortunately, any documents that need to be filed with the FEC are sure to be there long before Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton discloses all the shady donations to the Clinton Foundation.

I highly doubt Clinton is going to put up any of the millions of dollars she’s received from speaking engagements, so there’s no need to wait for that announcement, either.

Clinton’s war chest may be larger, but statements like this could help boost Trump’s fundraising efforts. The Trump campaign has already said that it has been “overwhelmed with contributions for the Republican Party.”

Trump has said on the trail that he would self-fund his primary campaign but that he is seeking donations for the general election.

I’d imagine just about any source from which the Trump campaign receives money has to be better than the deplorable sources of Clinton Foundation funds.

Beating Hillary Clinton in the fall is critical and investment like Trump’s can go a long way toward doing that. If nothing else, his generous contributions to the future of America should highlight yet another hypocrisy of the Clinton campaign.

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