BOOM! Trump Is Doing THIS For 1st Time Since REAGAN, Millions Are Cheering

Although the two men’s personalities are definitely different, many pundits have compared Donald Trump to Ronald Reagan. One commonality they will have if Trump wins is their tax policies.

Trump plans to roll out the largest tax cut since Ronald Reagan in a detailed economic blueprint he will showcase next week, per

Part of his plan is to cut corporate tax to 15 percent as well as lowering the tax cut in terms of tax revenue lost by about $3 trillion.

“If you’re a working-class American, there’s no question that an agenda that cuts taxes, that gets rids of regulations, redoes some of these trade deals in ways that are pro-America, is going to help,” Trump said to Bloomberg.

Trump’s plan for “revitalizing the U.S. Economy” is going to be unveiled in more detail during a speech to the Detroit Economic Club.

Trump is continuing to distinguish himself as a candidate that more people trust on the economy and on law and order and terrorism. Trump must continue to focus on these areas and he will be able to defeat Hillary Clinton.

“For Trump to win this race, it’s not complicated,” a Trump adviser told Bloomberg. “He has to keep focused on this lousy economy that has so underperformed.”

Indeed. Do you really think Hillary Clinton will be able to improve an economy with such stagnant growth?

The answer to that question is no. Her immense tax increases will be like the death knell to this economy and will increase the national debt even further.

In a nutshell, this country will become like Detroit if American Patriots allow Hillary Clinton to be elected president.

If she wins, Americans will he no one to fault but themselves for a financially ruined and militarily weakened nation.


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