BOOM! Texas Gov. Just FLEXED POWER Over Sanctuary City Sheriff Who Is Helping Crime Committing Illegal Aliens

Once again Texas Gov. Greg Abbott has “thrown down the gauntlet” and has made it crystal clear that Travis County Sheriff Sally Hernandez will be removed from office if she continues to defy his order to comply with President Trump’s decree to put an end once and for all to “sanctuary cities” that protect “criminal aliens” at the expense of innocent citizens.

Moreover to be clear these are individual who’ve committed serious felonies, such as murder, rape, armed robberies, drug positions and other heinous crimes.

Hernandez, whose jurisdiction includes Austin, the capital of Texas, is defying the Governor and refusing to cooperate with Immigration and Customs Enforcement except in limited circumstances, which the Governor has responded stating: “First, you claim you have no legal power to comply with ICE detainers. That proves too much, of course, because by your own admission, Travis County Sheriff’s Office will honor some ICE detainers, for example when the alien is charged with or convicted of capital murder,”

Abbott continued. “You have the exact same legal authority to honor ICE detainers for capital murder cases as you do for other crimes that you personally deem unworthy of enforcement.”

In addition, Abbott pointed out just how hypocritical the sheriff’s argument truly is by pointing out that ICE also issues detainers for illegal aliens with felony records, which of course includes the most serious crimes, including murder.

“…Under your reckless policy, for example, dangerous criminal aliens convicted of felonies like murder, aggravated assault, human trafficking, including child sex trafficking, aggravated kidnapping, including sexual performance by a child or indecency with a child, dangerous gang activities…,” he added.

Hernandez countered stating that enforcing the law would somehow make the “community less safe by driving people into the shadows.”

This is the same warped convoluted logic that has destroyed so many American families at the hands of “criminal aliens” some deported multiple times only to come back and create more carnage.

However Abbott made it clear when he briefly appeared on Fox and Friends, discussing the dust-up with Hernandez stating: “But, however, we are in a legislative session and we’re working on laws that will #1 ban sanctuary cities and #2 remove from office any office holder who promotes sanctuary cities while also imposing criminal penalties as well as financial penalties.”

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