BOOM! Reba McEntire Risks Her Career to DEFY Trump-Hating Celebrities

After Reba McEntire’s latest single, “Back To God,” dropped, the singer has been making appearances and slamming celebrities, reminding patriots why she’s so dear to our hearts.

“This is my job — to entertain. It’s not my pl– it shouldn’t be my platform to be up on stage giving my political views,” Reba McEntire told the ladies on The View.

I can’t imagine that any liberal fans of Reba, or many of her celebrity friends, are going to take kindly to this opinion.

The show pointed out that Drake recently went on a political tirade during a show, as so many other celebrities have recently decided to do.

Thanks to the overwhelming liberal bias in Hollywood, we’ve been treated to monologues from many self-absorbed celebrity egos who don’t seem to understand that the election is over and Trump is already president.

“I don’t want a lecture whether you agree with me or not,” added Jedediah Bila. And a lecture is exactly what these “entertainers” are giving, but the majority of average Americans just don’t care what they have to say about politics. It certainly didn’t affect our votes.

The hosts on The View talked briefly about Lady Gaga’s performance at the 51st Super Bowl, and McEntire suggested that she was pleased Gaga decided to focus on themes of patriotism.

Me too. I think Gaga took the opportunity to entertain her whole audience very seriously. Only the most entitled liberal snowflakes could be upset at a singer for not taking a political stance.

Joy Behar mentioned that she thinks calls for celebrities to keep their mouths shut are “stupid because we elected a celebrity.” But she is wrong. Donald Trump was a business man first and foremost, and he still is.

Sure, he had a show, but entertaining was NOT his primary source of income. One could even argue his TV show was nothing more than an extension of his business life. It just gave us the opportunity to look into his business dealings in an entertainment setting.

The point is that celebrities should be giving people what they promised. Sing, dance, act, do your thing, but save your political opinions for when you are sitting around the table with your friends and stop spewing your leftist rhetoric on my dime.

Thank you Reba for understanding that!

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