BOOM: Jeff Sessions Backs Trump, Shuts Down Khizr Khan In An EPIC Fashion

Jeff Sessions defended Donald Trump against recent criticism from a Muslim lawyer who slammed the Republican presidential nominee during a prime-time speech at the Democratic National Convention.

Khizr Kahn blasted Trump in a fiery speech last Thursday, questioning the candidate’s national security proposals and wondering aloud if he’s ever read the Constitution. Kahn took it a step further on Sunday, suggesting that Trump has a “black soul” and telling the Washington Post Trump has no soul at all.

“I reject that and I’m disappointed that he would say that,” Sessions told CNN. “Donald Trump complimented” Kahn, Sessions said. “He praised his son, who gave his life for this country. Mr. Khan’s son served in the military, he did his duty, he gave his life to America, and that deserves to be celebrated.

“But I don’t think anybody that says we ought to slow down and be more careful in bringing in people from countries that have terrorist tendencies and can’t be vetted properly, I don’t think that’s a person who lacks a soul,” Sessions added.

“In fact, millions of Americans are OK with that kind of policy with regards to immigration from countries that have histories of terrorism,” he said.

The Alabama senator, who has been an adviser to Trump on foreign policy, said the billionaire behaved appropriately in a recent interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, during which he suggested Kahn’s wife stood silently by her husband during his convention speech because of the couple’s religion.

“I read the transcript of what he said in the Stephanopoulos interview … and his interview was not unkind, it was respectful,” Sessions said. “He did express condolences to the family for their loss.”


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