BOOM! Bikers For Trump Arrive in D.C., Immediately DRAW THE LINE For Protesters

The Bikers for Trump are rolling into Washington, D.C. from all over the country, ready to support and defend Donald Trump as necessary.

Chris Cox, the founder of his group, stated on Fox News, “We will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers and toe-to-toe with anyone that’s going to be breaking down police barriers, assaulting women, spitting on them, or throwing things.”

The Bikers for Trump organization has amassed over 200,000 members, and, as previously reported by the Angry Patriot, they have stated they will form a “wall of meat” to protect Trump and the American people from those who would wish them harm at the inauguration.

Many liberals planned to show up to protest Trump’s election, trying to reserve all of the space to try to ruin Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony.

But the Bikers for Trump have vowed not to let that happen, and although they have stated they won’t be looking for any trouble, they are more than ready to meet it if it is required. They won’t be looking for violence, except to put an end to it.

“In the event that they’re forced to, I’m sure that they will stand strong. But we’re hoping for a peaceful transition,” Cox stated.

The organization has even planned a “half-time inauguration show,” which has yet to be approved. It would be an awesome sight, to say the least, to have the bikers performing for the American people, whom they have driven thousands of miles to protect.

“Hollywood would have you believe that we’re outlaw renegades—that’s just not the case. These are guys that have a lot to lose, but the one thing they’re not going to lose is the patriotic nature of the bikers,” Cox stated, as per Biz Pac Review.

Cox and the other bikers have warned the liberal protesters not to try anything against them though I don’t know why they would want to try. A biker would break a liberal man-bun wearing boy over his knee in a heartbeat.

Bikers for Trump started off very small, growing from only 100 bikers to 200,000. And many more are joining every single day—many bikers are riding into D.C. with their engines revving, and they are eager to support the 45th president of the United States.

This inauguration means a lot to the American people, and with the bikers there, it will most likely be a safe and memorable event.

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