BOMBSHELL: Democrats Pick TERRORIST Bomber to Lead Anti-Trump Women’s March

Ever since the inauguration, we’ve seen the left escalate to purposely inflict violence on conservatives. Based on the leaders of the upcoming Women’s March, more will follow.

One of the leaders of the upcoming protest, Rasmea Yousef Odeh, just happens to be a convicted terrorist for taking part in two bombings, via NY Post.

Rasmea was one of several leaders who penned a post in the Guardian promoting a very aggressive and militant attack against President Trump and his supporters during the next March.

The first Women’s March came under considerable scrutiny due to the overall theme, which seemed to be more about cussing and wearing some rather interesting outfits than actually making a point.

The women recruited to run this march, however, seem to have a very sordid past and a very focused goal of confrontation with conservatives.

Donna Hylton is another name that should cause everyone just a bit of concern. This is a woman who was convicted for her role in the torture and murder of Thomas Vigliarolo, yet the women of the Women’s March welcomed her as a leader.

Democrats are clearly making the move to the extreme left and could care less if they have terrorists and murderers leading the way.

Morals no longer have a place on their agenda — it is merely about getting their way at any cost… even if they have to bring in criminal thugs to make it happen.

The Democrats want respect, but moves like this serve to do the complete opposite. The first set of protests came off as a complete joke. Now, with these women leading the next wave, it will come off as more of a militant attack than a protest.

We still have yet to see any major Democrats come out to decry the violence in the streets. In fact, they are actually encouraging it. It is clear they don’t want to work together to fix our country.

As patriots, it is now up to us to make sure the people of this country are aware of the actual facts because we know the mainstream media will give a sugarcoated version that will help to further the liberal agenda.

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