BLM Rioting and Looting in Oakland on News of Trump Win

Black Lives Matter and other anti-American groups began rioting in Oakland, California when word got out that Donald Trump had won the election. The domestic terrorists can be heard yelling “Not my president” in videos uploaded to social media. Reports of cars being lit on fire and store windows being broken began circulating on the net soon after election results were announced.

Via The Post-Gazette:

“About 2 a.m., a large group formed near the corner of South Bellefield and Fifth avenues, chanting anti-Trump slogans.

A large police presence was evident in the area.

Supporters of Mr. Trump and Hillary Clinton could be heard taunting each other.

The group marched down Fifth Avenue, shutting down the thoroughfare at 2:15 a.m.

The protest continued to grow more as the marchers moved through central Oakland and went against traffic on Forbes Avenue.

By 2:30 a.m., more than a thousand people were marching in the streets. A group walking on Forbes Avenue kicked over a garbage can.

The commotion carried continued past 3 a.m. on Forbes Avenue as chanting continued and a drummer joined in. People wearing black hoods and bandannas led at the front of the march, which culminated at the Cathedral of Learning on the University of Pittsburgh campus.

There, expletive-filled chanting continued.

Corrine Jasmin, 22, a Point Park University student, gave a passionate speech on the Cathedral of Learning steps berating Mr. Trump for being a “racist.”

“I’m a little angry,” Ms. Jasmin told the Post-Gazette after concluding her speech. “I’m with her. I voted for equality, I voted for women.”

Pitt student Vikram Mukherjee, 18, said he was “disgusted” by the results of the election, “especially being a person of color.”

He was at the protest with Purva Davee, 17, also a Pitt student. She said she was there to support her friends.

“My Muslim friend called me in tears because she is afraid to leave her room,” she said.

About 3:15 a.m, a Pittsburgh police officer said he had heard of no major issues at the protest and was unaware of any arrests.

At the same time, the marchers went across Forbes Avenue to the Hillman Library to continue their demonstration.They stopped at the front doors of the library, where they were met by police officers holding batons.

Some of them held hands a formed a circle, then spoke angrily of Trump policies regarding the LGBT community and women’s reproductive rights. The group then encircled a half dozen Trump supporters, sparking a shouting match between the two factions.”

In this video idiot low lives shout “Not my President.” Maybe they’d like to move to Iraq or Syria.


BLM and SJWs have another thing coming if they think that will fly when Trump is sworn in. He’ll make short shrift of these terrorist pieces of sh-t! Riot away, scumbags, your time is coming to an end!(h/t: freedomdaily)

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