Black Lives Matter Founder Just BOMBED Hillary With News That’ll DESTROY The Polls

The Black Lives Matter movement, which is unknowingly fighting against all the problems the Democrat Party started, has rightfully turned its gaze upon the Hillary Clinton.

Alicia Garza, founder of the controversial group, made a strong case against Clinton in an interview withBloomberg Businessweek — which could ultimately come back to haunt the Democrats in November:

“Early on, she would say, ‘Yes, black lives matter,’ but she wouldn’t acknowledge her role in the processes that fundamentally showed black lives did not matter,” Garza said.

The activist leader continued in her condemnation — in April, former President Bill Clinton told BLM protesters that they were actually “defending the people who kill the lives (they) say matter,” which Garza passed off as unwarranted diatribe.

“I was angry about that for about a month,” she stated. “Seriously, like every single day. It’s reprehensible for him to defend the impacts his policies have had on our communities.”

Garza then issued a conclusive statement on the Clintons, claiming they use blacks as political pawns.

“The Clintons use black people for votes,” she said, “but then don’t do anything for black communities after they’re elected. They use us for photo ops.”

That doesn’t mean Garza will back Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, of course. She made it very clear in the interview she’s going to do everything she can to stop him, but her statement about the Clintons is at least a start.

Because when it comes to Bill and Hillary Clinton, Garza was absolutely correct. The Clintons, who epitomize the Democratic party, do not give a rip for blacks or their well-being. So it brings up the question, why do they keep voting Democrat?

Because the Democrats tell them Republicans are evil, old, racist white men who are out to get them.

t comes full circle — eventually the black liberals will have to swallow their pride, look at both parties’ platforms and decide for themselves who will best be able to heal the declining reputation of African-American communities.


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