Black Dem Turns On Obama, Just Destroyed Him For What He Did To Chicago, Obama Is Furious

Former President Barack Hussein Obama may be keeping active in his retirement, playing golf in his new gated community in Palm Springs, California or kitesurfing with his billionaire friend Richard Branson.

However, no matter how much Obama keeps moving, he can’t outrun the consequences of his catastrophic two terms as our nation’s nominal leader. In no place is his disastrous legacy felt worse than in Chicago, which has fallen into a state of true war after his neglect. A black congressman just turned on Obama and chewed him out for it.

Democrat Bobby Rush of Chicago may be too much of a brainwashed, knee-jerk liberal to say he supports President Trump, but he certainly clearly has regrets about backing Obama. Said Rush recently, “If we look beyond the violence, we’ll not only see the schools that were closed, we’ll see — and Chicago State that is being threatened to close, but we’ll see the fact that Chicago, at one time, had nine black-owned banks, and now we’re down to one.”

He added, “That’s a federal policy. I’m saying that most of our problems that I’ve heard here today, and that I’ve thought about over the years, be it housing, be it education, be it mass incarceration, all of these are federal policies.”

Concluded Rush, “We have not yet at this moment, including the eight years of Obama, had someone in the White House who really cared about this city and about these problems here in the city of Chicago.” Do you think Congressman Rush is right about fake Chicagoan fraud Obama?

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