Berkeley College Republicans Sue University For Trying To Silence Ann Coulter

If you paid attention to what happened when Milo tried to speak at Berkeley then you know things are a complete mess up there.

At one point, Berkeley was a place that prided itself on free speech.

Now? Not so much.

Berkeley has been doing their best to stop Ann Coulter from speaking there and it’s blown up in their face pretty spectacularly.

Heck, even crazy ol’ Bernie is on Ann’s side.

News broke today that the Coulter camp is taking legal action against Berkeley’s blatant attack on free speech.

From Townhall:

The Young America’s Foundation and the Berkeley College Republicans have sued the University of California, Berkeley after the school canceled a speech by conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

The suit claims that the school’s so-called “High-Profile Speaker Policy” is not applied fairly and is used to prevent speakers with certain viewpoints. The “High-Profile Speaker Policy” required that events be held during normal class hours, in locations that were not convenient for the majority of Berkeley students. Groups were also subject to exorbitant security fees for certain students. The complaint also alleges that Berkeley offered to have Coulter speak during the “dead week” between the end of classes and examinations where many students would be off campus and unable to attend.

Gotta love it.

It’s not all bad news from up north.

The Antifa losers suffered a pretty embarrassing defeat recently when they tried to crash a free speech rally.

The left is clearly losing the culture war in the bay area and to a large degree, they are losing nationally.

Sure, they are good at making noise but ultimately they are a movement without ideas that cares more about silencing debate than engaging in it.

That’s a losing formula.

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