Benghazi Widow Just Broke Her Silence, Points Out 1 Thing About Trump NO ONE Is Talking About

Dorothy Woods is the wife of Navy Seal and hero of Benghazi, Ty Woods.  She joined me this morning to discuss the past two weeks in the campaign:




HH: And I’m honored now to be joined by Dorothy Woods, who is the wife of Ty Woods, Navy SEAL, hero of Benghazi, defending, defender of the Benghazi compound during the long 13 hours we saw on film. Dorothy Woods, welcome, it’s good to speak to you on air.

DW: Thank you, Hugh. Good morning, thank you for having me.

HH: My pleasure. Dorothy, I’d like to start maybe at the end of our conversation. Your reaction to the Khan-Trump controversy involving the Gold Star family that are the Khans and Mr. Trump?

DW: Yes. Well, first and foremost, I would never, ever want to wish a Gold Star status on anyone. But I also truly believe that it should never be used as an excuse or a shield when we hear something, and when I say we collectively, the Gold Star families, when we hear something that we don’t like. The way I see it is no one ever questioned Major Khan’s sacrifice or his service or his death. He was rightfully given full military honors, you know, like my family, his family, have lived under the benefit of American citizenship. And the second generation, Major Khan and myself, we’ve chosen to give back. I believe that Major Khan was an American first that day, and that’s very important.

HH: Dorothy Woods…

DW: My issue…

HH: Okay, go ahead.

DW: So my issue here is I believe that the Khans are only public because they are Muslim. And to me, that sends the wrong message that they are more important than the rest of us. No loss is more or less important than the other.

HH: Let me ask you as well about the Purple Heart controversy since it’s also recent. Donald Trump was given a Purple Heart, for which some media people mocked him in his comments. What was your reaction to both the giving and the media reaction to Mr. Trump’s reception of the Purple Heart?

DW: Well, I was disturbed that he was criticized for accepting the Purple Heart. Some have said that he should not have accepted it. As someone who has actually served, I understand what it means to give your award to someone. This is what men and women in military do. This is, they feel very strongly about this. It’s an honor to give your award to another. And for Mr. Trump, quite frankly, to not have accepted it would have been an insult. Now personally, when Ty died, men left their tridents on his coffin. They have, and still do leave, their awards at his grave. You know, in fact, someone left a Silver Star at his gravesite. And for them, it’s an honor, and more importantly, it’s for them to recognize him and his sacrifice. It’s more an honor, it’s more important for them to honor him than to have that honor for themselves. So that’s how I feel about it.

HH: Now I want to go from the current controversies to the larger one.

DW: Sure.

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