BEGINNING OF THE END: What Trump Told Chris Christie About Obama Just Went Viral

Donald Trump’s campaign is going to draw up a list of federal employees and make it easier to fire them when he becomes President. This is good. It’s time to start kicking all those RINO’s out.

Trump will ask Congress to pass legislation making it easier to fire public workers.

“As you know from his other career, Donald likes to fire people,” New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. He told this to donors at a closed-door meeting.

Look what Donald Trump plans to do to the White House in this video.

Chris Christie will be leading the charge as head of Trump’s White House transition team. He says that he fears that Obama will convert all of his appointees as civil servants. He thinks that they would be harder to remove when Trump becomes President, according to Reuters.

“It’s called burrowing,” Christie said. “You take them from the political appointee side into the civil service side in order to try to set up … roadblocks for your successor, kind of like when all the [Bill] Clinton people took all the Ws off the keyboard when George Bush was coming into the White House.”

Christie says that he wants to help Trump fire as many people as possible.

“One of the things I have suggested to Donald is that we have to immediately ask the Republican Congress to change the civil service laws. Because if they do, it will make it a lot easier to fire those people,” Christie said.

*** The White House is about to get cleaned out!

Trump will make America great again. It starts by firing off everyone in the White House. Share this message, patriots! Let’s get the firing on. Starting with the biggest loser in the White House.

Let’s let the firing’s commence. Thank you, Donald Trump.

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