BEFORE LEAVING OFFICE – Obama Secretly Gave $220 Million To Palestinians Without Congressional Approval

Well, we figured Barack Obama would use his final minutes as president to take a shot at We the People somehow. He did, and it was not pretty.

Former President Obama gave $221 million to the Palestinian Authority, despite objections from the Republican-controlled Congress, via The Associated Press.

This fits right in with some of Obama’s other final moves, including his refusal to veto the UN resolution against Israel, which was designed to disallow them from building and protecting settlements.

This is something that shocked the American people because Obama effectively stabbed Israel, our ally, in the back. President Donald Trump immediately denounced this action.

Even Obama’s secretary of state, John Kerry, stated that the only way for peace is a “two-state” solution, but as Muslim culture will gladly point out, they seek to eradicate the Jews from the face of the Earth. How is that peaceful?

The Palestinian Authority is an organization 750,000 Palestinians rely on for jobs, meaning the U.S. is funding the Palestinian occupation. Even though Israel is America’s ally, Obama chose to help those who are aggressive against them.

Obama has always been a sympathizer of the people of Islam… not exactly the stance one would expect from a U.S. President. Throughout his presidency, he ignored the American people and our allies to fund and protect those who vow death upon us and Israel.

This money was part of another Democrat scheme — the State Department and congressional aides notified Congress of this action on the day Donald Trump was supposed to be sworn in as the president. While the Obamas were looking solemn and victimized, they were throwing more money away to give to the Palestinians.

To Obama, it didn’t matter that our country’s debt was trillions of dollars, or that he managed to raise in eight years an amount that took all presidents before him to amass. It didn’t matter to Obama that our communities were failing because he had to give millions of dollars to the Middle East and the terrorists who live there and plot our destruction.

The liberals may be missing Obama already, but there are nothing but dry eyes among conservatives. We are glad he’s gone, and the fact that he made this sneaky move on Inauguration Day proves that he has no regard for the American people or this country.

He got in one last “f*** you” to the American people, but for some reason the only people who can see it are conservatives. Obama is nothing but a corrupt, backstabbing Democrat who tried to ruin this country, and I’m glad he no longer represents this nation. Under Trump, Israel will actually be viewed as an ally.

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