Baton Rouge Terrorist Shares DISTURBING Connection With Obama

YouTube videos published by Baton Rouge cop killer Gavin Eugene Long reportedly featured him talking about black liberation theology, which incidentally happens to be the same subject once taught by President Barack Hussein Obama’s former minister, Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

These videos have since been removed by YouTube, but according to investigative reporters at The Daily Caller, they showed killer Gavin Eugene Long, 29, ranting against “crackers,” making references to Alton Sterling and talking about black liberation theology.

“If you look at all the rebels like Black Panthers, Huey P. Newton, Malcolm X … Elijah Muhammad, they was light-skinned,” he reportedly said in one of his videos. “But we know how hard y’all got it.”

Long also expressed disdain for peaceful protesters and support for Micah X, the black man who gunned down five police officers in Dallas on July 7.

“If I’m peaceful protesting … I know they would try to arrest me, and I would die right there because you’re not going to kidnap me,” he said. “I know my rights, but I stand on my rights. That’s what separates me, that’s why they’re afraid of me.”

This brings us to President Obama, who according to The Washington Times belonged “to a church known to be a leader in a seemingly radical, black-centric, movement known as black liberation theology.”

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