As Democrats Walked Out Of Trump’s Address, Marco Rubio Unleashed A BRUTAL and Perfect Response

Sen. Marco Rubio described the standing ovation that slain Navy Seal Ryan Owens received at President Trump’s address Tuesday nigh as “a stunning moment.” No doubt many were touched by the outpouring of appreciation not only for Owens for making the ultimate sacrifice, but to his family for what they lost.

Unfortunately, not everyone in the room was as grateful for Owen’s service as the President. Rubio pointed out that a good portion of the democratic side of the room remained unmoved during the standing ovation. Rubio also responded to and called out that many democrats rushed out after the speech. One Fox News commentator hypothesize that it might be in order to get to their local news crews outside and spin the speech.

Here’s Rubio’s scathing response.

The President obviously did a standout job. The democratic party in general is going to have a difficult time un-gritting their teeth in an attempt to make him look bad. Rubio also mentioned that he is one of many congressmen who had to sit through multiple speeches from a president that they didn’t fully support (Obama), but that didn’t keep him from remaining civil.

The fact that an elected official would let their own petty agenda keep them from acknowledging the sacrifice of an American hero shows you just how twisted they really are. With everything that President Trump has accomplished during his short tenure in office though, it’s no wonder the democratic party looks like they are slow dancing in a burning room. They can go cry about it if they want, but the Trump train is only picking up steam.




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