Anne Coulter Responds In The Classiest Way Possible After Eminem Makes Disgusting Statement

This week, rapper Eminem released a controversial new song with violent lyrics directed at Conservative commentator Ann Coulter.

“And f*ck Ann Coulter with a Klan poster/With a lamp post, door handle, shutter/A damn bolt cutter, a sandal, a can opener, a candle, rubber/Piano, a flannel sucker/some hand soap, butter/A banjo and manhole cover/Hand over the mouth and nose/Smother/Trample ran over the tramp with the Land Rover/The band, the Lambo, Hummer and Road Runner/Go ham donut, or go Rambo/gotta make an example of her/That’s for Sandra Bland, ho, and Philando,” Eminem rapped.

CNN, of course, reported on the song with the title “Eminem unleashes on Donald Trump: ‘I’ll make his whole brand go under.’” The reporter neglected to mention the verse about raping Ann Coulter.

Ann Coulter responded to the attack with grace and class.

“I think it’s unfortunate that the left, from Berkeley to Eminem with his rap songs, has normalized violence against women, as Eminem has done,” she commented. “He talks about f’ing women with an umbrella until the ‘bleep’ comes out. This goes on for years. He denounces gays using ugly terms. His homophobia and his misogyny is quite well known.”

“It’s one thing and just you know some idiot who’s—by the way—no longer a kid; but now we’re seeing it play out with professors at Berkeley and the head of the Berkeley police,” Coulter told TMZ. “It’s just become quite normal for the left to behave in these violent ways toward women and gays.”

What do you think of Coulter’s comments?

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