Ann Coulter Is Angry At Trump For Just One Thing, Do You Agree With Her About It?

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter wrote the book In Trump We Trust, and has been a very vocal supporter of President Donald Trump. She doesn’t share quite the same opinion of all of his staff members.

When asked about White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer by Fox News’ Tucker Carlson, she said, “Well no one can do it as well as Trump… He’s kind of boring.” When asked about Chief of Staff Reince Priebus she only offered, “He seems fine.” She gave Trump a stellar grade so far as President, although there was one thing about him that upset her.

When Carlson asked her if there’s one thing Trump was doing so fat that she didn’t like, she responded, ” I think he should tweet more.” This caught Carlson off guard, and he probed further, “Come on, now. What would be the purpose of that?”

She answered, “I love his tweets. I love them so much — it drives the media crazy. I wrote “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” I wrote it with “Never Trumpers” in mind. I understand what the complaints are with Donald Trump. But then as I was writing it, all the stuff I used to say, ‘OK, there is this baggage, but he’s the only one to push, and the only one in my lifetime to push issues that are important for America.’ I started to realize I like stuff — even the baggage.”

She also gave special praise to one of Trump’s staffers, saying, “My favorite human being is Stephen Miller. And I do think Trump should take him as a vice president for the second term,” she said. “We can’t have Reagan-Reagan-Bush again. No, no, it has got to be sombody [other than Mike Pence]. It could be [Kansas Atty Gen. Kris] Kobach, it doesn’t have to be Stephen Miller.” Do you agree with Ann Coulter? Watch below:

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