Ann Coulter Gave Trump A Report Card For His First Two Weeks, “I Give Him A _____”, Do You Agree?

Like the rest of us, noted conservative writer and commentator Ann Coulter is thrilled that Donald Trump is now finally in the White House, and is pursuing the rock solid conservative agenda that he promised during the campaign trail.

She recently talked with SiriusXM host Alex Marlow about Donald Trump’s first two weeks in office, and chided liberals by saying, “They thought Inauguration Day was going to be a bad day, but then it would pass. No, this is going to go on for four years. For the rest of us, it’s Christmas every morning.” She also handed out Trump a report card grade for his first two weeks in office.

Said Coulter, “It’s so fantastic to have a politician who does what he says he’s going to do. It’s stunning. And it’s been fun.” When it came to grading Trump so far, Coulter said, “I give him an A+++.”Her only criticism was that she thought Trump should do a better job of explaining his planned executive order to Americans, so that the liberal media cannot just pounce on them.

Said Ann, “When you have the entire media hysterically opposed to Trump, and their idea of giving the other side is, you know, Meghan McCain or Charlie Sykes…no, they won’t put on anyone who can articulately defend Donald Trump or explain Donald Trump, which is, by the way, why they were all sitting back, popping champagne, waiting for Hillary to win on election night.”

Concluded Coulter, “Thank God we got Trump. I thought we had about a ten percent chance to save the country when I wrote Adios America. I now think we’re up to 90 percent. Who would think the world could change so much? But the work still has to be done.” Would you give Trump the same grade so far?

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