Ann Coulter Destroys Closet Lib Megyn Kelly With 9 Brutal Words About Secretly Helping Hillary

Ann Coulter recently took the time to pen an op-ed about how the media has been distorting and perverting the Presidential contest between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. She heaped scorn upon media outlets for taking his words out of context and creating fake “scandals” out of them. She said that even Fox News was not immune, as some reporters such as Megyn Kelly were actually helping Hillary and hurting Donald whether they intended to or not.

Explained Ann:

“Last August, Trump said the following about the way he was treated at the first GOP debate: ‘(Megyn Kelly) starts asking me all sorts of ridiculous questions, and you know, you can see there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her — wherever, but she was, in my opinion — she was off base.’

This was nearly identical to what Trump said about Chris Wallace a few sentences later: “There’s a big difference between Mike Wallace and Chris Wallace because I watched them last night, you know, blood pouring out of his eyes, too.”

Suddenly the words “her wherever” were being described as a clear-cut reference to Megyn’smenstrual blood! (I have it on good authority that Chris Wallace has never menstruated.)”

Megyn Kelly herself seemed to create this controversy, projected something quite filthy onto this comment that Trump made about her. Instead of being supportive of Republican candidates, Megyn’s manufactured controversy ended up being a smear against Trump. Why would she do a think like this? Does she want to help Hillary? What do you think? We need to stand firm with our nominee and not let Crooked Hillary run away with this election!


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