Animated Trey Gowdy Fighting Back The Tears! “I Will Make Them Come Testify” [VIDEO]

Warns Officials To Not Interfere With His Investigation

“I will make them come and testify,” Gowdy stated in addressing the legal landscape of child abuse.

Gowdy: “Johnny and judge Poe put their finger on it more than anything else we’re united in our inability to get the images out of our heads and Johnny’s got them and Judge Poe has them and you have them and any of us who did child pornography or child sex abuse cases and it’s not just the physical imagery of the abuse, it’s trying to qualify a kid to testify I mean I hear the word children used we refer to them as juveniles not children.

There’s no Children’s Court in South Carolina, there’s a juvenile court.  If you’re a child and you don’t know the difference between right and wrong, you’re not going to be prosecuted but you’re also not going to be able to testify so trying to get a four or five or six year old kid qualified to testify and his or her own abuse case that’s the image that I’m sure you still…”

Child Sex Abuse is surely a topic that affects Trey Gowdy not only as the chairman for the Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security, and Investigations Subcommittee, but as a normal human being. As Trey Gowdy stated in the video above, this is one of the worst crimes a person can commit.

Gowdy demands detectives to go back to providers who examined children for evidence of sexual abuse and make them answer why they are having “problems”.

These providers are going to have a harsh time while they will be trying to explain why they can’t bring justice to kids who were sexually abused. This type of trauma can leave serious consequences on the children’s life.

Gowdy takes the matters in his own hands, and asks for the names of the providers. And as he said, he will go by himself and ask these people why they are not cooperating as they should be.

Wow! That was emotional.  This country needs people like Trey Gowdy!

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