Angry Vets Just Handed Crazy Liz Warren Her Ass For What She Did To Them, It’s Sickening

the deep blue state of Massachusetts, known to conservatives who are unfortunate enough to live there as “Taxachusetts”, appeared to finally turn itself around when voted elected Republican Scott Brown to replace Ted Kennedy in the U.S. Senate. Unfortunately, Massachusetts voters reverted to their extreme liberal ways and replaced him with Elizabeth Warren.

Many people in Massachusetts, conservatives and liberals alike, are unhappy with the job Warren has been doing in Washington, particularly with the unhelpful, partisan fights she picks with Republicans. In the meantime, she seems to have completely forgotten about the regular people who voted her in. A group of veterans recently shredded her on TV for what she did.

These veterans are all part of a group called Veterans Assisting Veterans that is based in Warren’s constituent state of Massachusetts. They recently appeared on Fox and Friends to slam Warren for her efforts to push the welfare of illegal immigrants at the expense of actual Americans like them who have made great sacrifices for our country.

Said Dennis Moschella, who is the president of Veterans Assisting Veterans, “There’s hundreds of veterans dying every day…Why don’t we address those problems first, and then we’ll worry about other people coming into our country.”

They talked about how under Obama the Veterans Administration was severely understaffed and underfunded, resulting in tens of thousands of veterans not receiving the care they needed. Said John MacDonald, the spokesman for the organization, “Elizabeth Warren and people like her seem to have a very hard time understanding the difference between legal and illegal…It seems to be the fact that she’s more interested in creating political theater than she is in helping Americans.” Do you agree with them about Goofy Liz? Watch below:


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