BREAKING: Now We Know Who Angela Merkel Met With Before Trump, It’s SICK.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel recently had some ugly words for President Trump. We are not TERRIBLY surprised, especially considering who she keeps as her company.

Angela met with none other than Barack Obama before meeting with President Trump during his first international tour as president. Someone needs to pass a memo to Obama reminding him that he isn’t president anymore, and that he needs to quit getting involved in these seedy meetings. He DID speak publicly before his meeting with Merkel. (via Daily Beast)

During his speech, he spoke about how terrible Trump’s immigration policies are, and how they are just hurting EVERYONE. Good job playing on people’s emotions, Obama, but unfortunately for you, facts don’t care about your feelings.

When President Trump DID meet with Merkel, can you guess what she did? Yes, she decided to criticize President Trump by regurgitating EXACTLY what Obama was saying during his speech. We have NO doubt that Obama was whispering in Angela’s ear before her outburst — over an immigration policy that doesn’t affect her country in any way, no less.

Well, it does change her country in a way. She is going to be HELD RESPONSIBLE if someone from Germany is found living in our country illegally. She’s going to have to take them back, whether she wants to or not.

Angela LOVED Obama’s policy on immigration and deportation because no one was ever held accountable. Obama was that gullible friend that we all have. He would call and say, we imagine, something like, “We need you to take back (unnamed illegal)… No?… Oh okay. They can just stay here. No problem.”

Apparently, Angela is not used to facing someone with a backbone. Now that President Trump is proving true to his word, Merkel is lost for words.

It’s worth noting that Trump got a couple stiff jokes in when he spoke in front of Merkel. He knew exactly what she was trying to do. He proved his point, and left her in silence.

There is one factor that makes this situation crazy. Obama did all that preaching about immigration policies, and talked about how Trump is unfair to immigrants. Not long after his speech, the Manchester attacks occurred in England. A suicide bomber made it into an Ariana Grande concert, and then murdered at least 20 people.

Obama can try to preach to us all he wants. Facts don’t lie. Terrorist attacks are on the rise, as shown from the Manchester bombing. The ONLY way we’re going to get a grasp on this situation is if we persist, and let the liberals know we don’t live in a fantasy world anymore.

Not all “allies” are what they seem. Angela Merkel has betrayed America’s trust. Do you agree? Let your fellow patriots know!

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