ALERT – President Trump Just Made THIS Surprise ‘Wall’ Move, MILLIONS Are Furious

President Trump is almost too busy fulfilling campaign promises to tweet – almost. The liberal media are responding badly to his planned “wall” move, but patriots are cheering!

Donald Trump is expected to sign a border wall executive order today to commence building with federal funds. The move is expected to be part of a multi-faceted policy to enhance national security via border protection improvements and a halt to refugee “resettlement” from regions awash with terrorism, CNN reports.

“Big day planned on NATIONAL SECURITY tomorrow. Among many other things, we will build the wall!” President Trump tweeted last night.

President Trump will announce his border wall and refugee executive orders during a visit to the Department of Homeland Security shortly after 1 p.m. today. Mainstream media pundits are furiously lambasting his plan due the mention of federal funding.

This is nothing but pure spin, though, as Trump has noted many times that initially the funding will be done with our own money, but that money will be recovered in the way of sanctions and trade deals, among others, that will be put in place with Mexico. No, Mexico may not be writing a check directly, but in the end, it will be pesos and not dollars that finance this project.

“Frenetic” is how the majority of liberal pundits are describing Donald Trump’s actions during his first days in office. They want him to slow way down, but that is extremely unlikely to happen. I think “frenetic” might be my new favorite word — sorry “serendipity,” but you have been replaced!

President Trump’s first executive order on the table today will be an order for DHS to begin building that wall, according to CNN reports quoting a person familiar with the president’s plan.

The order will reportedly mandate the repair of existing border fencing along the southern border. It will also include dictates to increase Border Patrol staff by 5,000 people!

Another Trump executive order will address the longstanding problem of sanctuary cities. Liberal lawmakers will soon be forced to follow the law and stop protecting illegal immigrants hiding within their boundaries.

When the border wall executive order news broke early this morning, a CNN report claimed it would cost $6.5 million per mile to put up a border wall. Unless the walls are made of gold, instead of the same metal currently used, which is akin to the material many construction sites and plants typically use to fence in their properties, this cost estimate is completely ridiculous.

Donald Trump has consistently come in under budget and ahead of schedule on his construction projects. It is unlikely the cost to build the wall will be anything close to the government estimates likely used for the basis of the CNN analysis.

The days of paying $2,000 for a hammer purchased by government entities are over. President Trump never liked to waste his own money, and he will be an equally good steward when it comes to our hard-earned tax dollars!

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