ALERT – Military Lists Hillary As ‘Insider Threat’ For THIS Nasty Thing She Did

Our military takes our national security seriously. So, well before the 2016 presidential election, they had labelled Hillary Clinton as an “insider threat.”

The military considers Clinton “careless” with classified documents and lists her among the likes of General David Petraeus, via Independent Journal Review.

To the military, it doesn’t matter what the American people think about Clinton, how popular she is, or whether she believes herself to be the “people’s president.” To the military, she is a serious threat when it comes to classified information.

Judicial Watch got a copy of the military PowerPoint that covers internal threats. In the document, Clinton is listed right alongside traitors and spies, including Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning, and Dr. Nidal Hasan, the terrorist who attacked individuals at Fort Hood.

Unlike the spies and dangerous names listed, Petraeus and Clinton are simply listed as “careless,” but even “carelessness” can give the enemy a leg up in a battle.

Clinton’s actions with her private server are often called a mistake, but many others believe she threatened America’s security out of selfishness.

Anyone who has gone to any classified information classes knows how to properly mark as well as identify sensitive documents that should be kept away from the enemy at all costs. I believe Clinton simply ignored the markings.

Even having a private server for government use is a major problem, and anyone who was secretary of state would know that, but the liberals and the mainstream media continue to say Clinton is innocent of any wrongdoing.

Thankfully, the military is taking Clinton’s behavior seriously. The PowerPoint warns the audience about “Critical Information Compromises” that involved documents like “itineraries of…senior executive service (SES)” and “very important persons (VIPs),” which can end in “Attack, Kidnapping, Publicity.”

Classified information that makes its way into the wrong hands can have very serious consequences. Even an accidental slip-up has resulted in jail time or a huge fine for other government employees or military members. Not for Hillary Clinton though.

As we are seeing now, we have a massive problem in our government with information constantly being leaked out to the press. We need Trump to drain that swamp and fix this problem ASAP!

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