ALERT – George Soros Just EXPOSED Trying to Sabotage Donald Trump, It’s CONFIRMED

George Soros is a businessmen most known for his financial investments in leftist causes. It has been rumored that he improperly influences elections and now there is new evidence that suggests further foul play.

A recent study, by two Dartmouth professors, suggests that the economy will drop 15% if Trump is elected. According to Dany Gold, one of the professors who wrote the study, Dr. Wolfer, is an associate at the National Bureau for Economic Research, which is a research affiliate with the Center for Economic Research in London. This last center is heavily funded by George Soros.

This does give some reason for concern, as funding sources can sometimes taint the research results.

This could be the smoking gun that truly exposes Soros as the man calling the shots behind Hillary.

A more solid case could be made by examining the study’s methodology and data to detect any flaws, determining if Soros has communicated with the authors of the study. It would be more convincing if a research group without connections to Soros could replicate the study’s results.

However, there is more cause for concern when it comes to Soros. For example, he is providing the voting machines which are to be use in several key states. The following states are affected: Arizona, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, New Jersey, Nevada, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Washington, and Wisconsin.

You’ll notice that there are many key swing states on that list. Combined with reports of previous voting machine malfunctions, which reportedly changed votes from one candidate to another, this is disconcerting.

I live in Las Vegas and know that mob influence and corruption are still present here. It wouldn’t surprise me if some cab union bosses loyal to the Democrats tried to change the machines.

That being said, each voter gets to review their final vote and receives a receipt listing the persons for whom they voted. Massive voting fraud using machines would hopefully be caught through the investigation by election officials, and would hopefully cause mass outrage.

On the other hand, if the recent video from Project Veritas are any indication, the masses may just not be aware of the election and voter fraud that already goes on.

Republicans must be vigilant in preventing fraud and continue to notice trends that are possibly disturbing, which means keeping an eye on Soros’ machines and where his money goes.


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