ALERT: Fox News Host Blows Whistle About Who REALLY Tampered With Election

Was it the Russians? Where people trying to help Trump win? Dems are turning over every leaf to try to find somewhere to lie blame, but the REAL source of the deception during our elections comes from a very unsuspecting source.

Carlson stated, “Now, if you’re a news organization and somebody stole the story of the year out of your office, wouldn’t you want to know how that happened? You think you would. And yet as far as we can tell, NBC News never conducted a meaningful internal investigation into how that tape wound up at the Washington Post. That’s because they already knew the identity of the leaker. It was them!”

There is zero proof that Donald Trump or anyone from his campaign worked with Russia to try and win the election, but there is evidence that NBC tampered with the election to try to make sure Hillary Clinton won over Trump.

Despite a lack of evidence, the accusations of Trump and Russia working together have taken the country by storm, with liberals demanding the “truth” even though their allegations are based on nothing more than lies and false claims.

Hillary Clinton, however, had quite a lot of help in the election — from NBC leaking the decade old tapes of Donald Trump, to media outlets giving Hillary Clinton copies of debate questions that would be asked, to the huge flux of false ballots and the deceased voting for Clinton.

Clearly, there is more than enough suspicious evidence against Hillary Clinton that the liberals are trying to distract from by accusing Donald Trump of multiple crimes. However, it is Clinton and the rest of the left who are guilty.

This is why the left and the FBI are not as willing to investigate these accusations as with others — because they know that it will only harm Hillary Clinton in the process. So, they merely continue with their traps and claims without moving the allegations anywhere.

The mainstream media have gone to great lengths to make sure the allegations of Russian ties to Trump are alive and well, further discrediting the president as he moves to rebuild this country from its ruin brought about by Democrats.

The fact of the matter is that NBC helped Hillary Clinton in the election, lied about it, and then tried to cover their tracks, but Tucker Carlson and other hard-hitting Fox News journalists are not going to let them continue with their lies.

The Democrats tried every means possible to make sure Trump lost the election, but they failed. The only reason Hillary Clinton won the popular vote was because of the high number of liberals in states like New York and California.

However, Donald Trump still won because of the belief the American people had in him and the promises he made to this country. The liberals need to stop trying to sabotage Trump because they are doing nothing but endangering our free elections.

You can’t just try to take back an elected official the people voted into the White House — what would be the point of voting? President Trump was right: the swamp needs to be drained. It’s not just the politicians who are corrupt and dirty. It’s the mainstream media as well!

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