ALERT – Donald Trump Posts THIS Warning to Americans, Please Take Heed

With the recent terror attack in Orlando – and the threat of the Islamic State perpetrating more attacks on US soil – the issue of refugee re-settlement is front and center. To be certain, it is a political hot topic in the upcoming General Election.

GOP nominee, Donald Trump, has made this the lead topic in recent interviews. “We are taking in thousands, and thousands of people into or country,” Trump posted on Facebook. “[W]e have no idea who they are, and they believe in things we don’t believe in! Not happening if I am elected president.”

Conversely, embattled presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has tacitly signed on the same policies held by the Obama Administration. On the issue of immigration and refugee re-settlement, the choice couldn’t be clearer.

While Trump has made it quite clear he will immediately craft and institute a much more rigid vetting process for all immigrants and refugees, President Obama continues to stand by the ineffective vetting process currently in Place. On top of that, he is doubling down on reaching the goal of admitting 8,000 of the 10,000 Syrian refugees he pledged to take in by this October.

“Refugees undergo by far the most rigorous level of security checks required of any traveler to the United States,” The Washington Examiner reportsNational Security Council spokesman Myles Caggins as saying. “Syrian refugees are screened to an even higher standard.”

“These checks involve multiple US agencies, including the Departments of State and Homeland Security, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, The National Counterterrorism Center, the Terrorist Screening Center, the Department of Defense, and the intelligence community,” he added.

Syrian refugees, as well as refugees from across the Islamofascist-dominated Middle East, have flooded into the EU with horrendous results. Islamic State operatives – as well as terrorist operatives from other Islamofascist groups – are using the “refugee crisis” as a pathway to pathway of travel into the EU and the West; a pathway that leaves them virtually undetected.

Several “refugees” have been implicated in recent terror attacks in France and Germany. Additionally, male “refugees” have been responsible for a spike in violent crimes across Europe and Scandinavia. The instances of sexual assault have skyrocketed in Germany and Sweden, two nations who have sought to open their borders to greater extent than other European nations.

This brings to the forefront another disturbing statistic about the incoming refugees from Syria. A2015 report by the International Business Times indicates that of the Syrian refugees emigrating from Syria, 75 percent of them are males, most of military-age. This is the exact demographic that comprises almost the whole of the complement of Islamic State fighters.

So, with the Islamic State promising more acts of terror on American soil, and the Obama Administration insisting on maintaining the level of refugee intake from that country – even as they refuse to augment their vetting process to ensure the safety of the American citizenry, we see that we exist completely vulnerable to more Islamofascist terror attacks and at a greater frequency.

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